Christian Assembly Church Weston, Mo       

  Called to be Salt and Light and Ministers of Reconcilliation 


Sun. 12/4 All day 2012 Calendars Are Here


Sat. 12/10 All day Christmas Play Dress Rehearsal
Sun. 12/11 All day 2011 Christmas Program

Join us for morning worship at 10:45 to be followed by a delicious Chritmas dinner then the Chrsitmas Program.

12:00 PM All Church Chili Dinner
Sun. 12/18 All day Senior Christmas Fruit Baskets
Sun. 4/1 10:45 AM Sunday Morning: The Life of Joseph

Message Series: The Life of Joseph
This Week: 05 The Right Thing At The Right Time For the Right Reason
Genesis 39:6-23


11:00 AM Communion
Sun. 4/8 11:00 PM Easter
Thu. 5/3 12:00 PM National Day of Prayer
7:00 PM Bible Study: Beware the Snare


Idolatry comes in many forms. Nobody suddenly chooses to be an idolatOr. It sneaks up on you and ensnares you. Join us as we learn to identify the warning signs of Idolatry and what is necessary to avoid it.

Sun. 5/6 All day New Sermon Series: The Gospel of John
All day Communion Service

6:00 PM Bible Study: Beware the Snare THE SNARE OF TOLERANCE Tolerance is a good thing most of the time. However, the Bible tells us of some things the Chrsitian should never tolerate condone or make excuses for. To do so leads to a trap of our own making. Join us this evening while w... more
Wed. 5/9 7:00 PM Baccalaureate Class of 2012
Thu. 5/10 7:00 PM Bible Study: Beware the Snare THE SNARE OF FEAR God's word tells us that Fear is not from God but that perfect love casts out fear. One of the most common traps that the devil lays for the Chrsitian is the fear of man--the fear of what others may think of us. Join us as we lear... more
Sat. 5/12 8:00 AM Weston Community Prayer Breakfast

Weston Community Nazarene Church
19495 County Road H, Weston, MO

Sun. 5/13 All day Mother's Day
6:00 PM Bible Study: Beware the Snare THE SNARE OF EVIL COMPANIONSHIP As Christians, we are to be friendly. Jesus tells us to love our neighbor and tells us not to love only those that love us but those who hate us as well. In one place He tells us to pray for and bless those that are... more
Sun. 5/20 12:00 PM VBS Staff Meeting
Sun. 5/27 10:45 AM Morning Message: Jesus, Full of Grace and Truth John 1:14-18
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